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Some wonderful chefs have donated their favorite soup recipes to this cookbook for a simple reason. Proceeds from the book will support the work of the Soil Association, a nonprofit based in Bristol,England. Few Americans have heard of the Soil Association.But almost everyone has heard of organic food and sustainable agriculture, two of the causes that the Soil Association has been promoting for more than 60 years. Indeed, the modern organic movement was launched during the 1940s by a pair of British iconoclasts, Lady Eve Balfour and Sir Albert Howard. At a time when herbicides and pesticides and synthetic fertilizers were first being introduced on a wide scale, Balfour and Howard began to question whether these were good things. They rebelled against a mindset that viewed the land as just one more economic commodity, to be doused with chemicals for a short-term profit. They rebelled against a mentality that worshipped technology for its own sake, that eagerly sought to control and dominate nature. They embraced a much more holistic view of how we should treat livestock, the land, and the rural communities dependent upon farming.

Ebook Pdf Format, 356 Pages ,48.7 Mo

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