How to Decorate a Bedroom

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Instructions :

Things You’ll Need :

    * Area Rugs
    * Armoires
    * Bedsheets
    * Chests
    * Dressers
    * Duvets
    * Mirrors
    * Nightstands
    * Pillowcases

      Step 1

      Decide what furniture you need and measure the room before you purchase it.

      Step 2

      Buy dressers and chests for items such as clothing, lingerie, jewelry and bedroom linens. The tops of both work well for holding televisions, stereos, and VCRs.

      Step 3

      Consider an armoire, a large upright chest with two or four doors if you need tall storage spaces. Many armoires have a rod inside to hang clothes and have pull-out trays for televisions, stereos, VCRs or computers.

      Step 4

      Purchase a night stand that is easy to reach from your bed and has at least one drawer for your belongings.

      Step 5

      Think about purchasing a mirror, which will create the illusion of a larger room. If it is going on top of your dresser, be sure to measure the width of the dresser so that the bureau and mirror match up.

      Step 6

      Make your bed cozy by buying a duvet (comforter cover) for your comforter with matching sheets and pillowcases.

      Step 7

      Add a finishing touch to your bed with decorative pillows on top. They are great for sitting up in bed.

      Step 8

      Hang an old quilt on the wall or drape it over a rocking chair for warmth and charm.

      Step 9

      Get a large wicker basket for magazines and other reading materials so the tops of your dresser and nightstand remain uncluttered.

      Step 10
      Place a small carpet around your bed if you have wood floors, to comfort and cushion your feet.

      Step 11

      Check your lighting and make sure you have the right lighting for your needs -bright light for reading and soft light for relaxing.

      Step 12

      Paint the walls to add a fresh, new look.


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